Up Front & Personal


Lutishia Lovely - The Black Authors and Readers Rock Weekend was informative, inspiring, creative, exhausting, and filled with more love and laughter than my heart could hold. My checks ache from laughing and my heart is bursting!!! Thanks to Sharon Lucas, the Reading Divas, all of the authors, readers and guests who made this such a wonderfully memorable weekend.

Renee Daniel Flagler - I survived #BARR2015! It was awesome, fun, funny, enriching, touching, cozy and so much more. Sharon Lucas and The Reading Divas completely Rock! I can't say enough about my literary family. Even Smokey the security guard was the bomb! My head hurts from all the laughter and emotions.

LaChelle Weaver - As an avid reader and writer, I felt like a kid on Christmas at this weekend's Black Authors & Readers Rock Weekend event hosted by new author of "Plan It!" and fellow Brown Girl, Ms. Sharon Lucas. I had the honor to attend last year, but this year was just as eye-opening, inspirational and motivational. So much literary talent. Thank you to Sharon and her fabulous club, The Reading Divas for organizing such a great event. I totally blew my book budget ....but it was worth every dime.

Cynthia Kelly - Didn't really know the impact of starting a book club could mean so much!!! I appreciate Sharon Lucas for supporting our bookclub at the Wayne Curry Sports & Learning Complex in Landover, MD and a special shout out to the wonderful authors this weekend at the Black Authors & Readers Rock Weekend for thanking us continuously for our support.

Renee Wardrett-Bailey - My Friday and Saturday was filled with attending The Black Authors and Readers Rock event hosted by Sharon Lucas. I enjoyed every minute of it and felt as if I were on cloud nine. I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few authors such as RM Johnson, Brian W Smith, Candy Jackson, and Lutishia Lovely just to name a few. I also bumped into a classmate whom I have not seen in over twenty years. This event was awesome and I cannot wait to attend next year.