The Why & How!

The “Black Authors & Readers Rock Weekend” is a two-day literary conference, which provides authors the opportunity to:

  • Meet 125 to 150 avid readers – in an up close and intimate setting.
  • Introduce and sell their books to readers who might not otherwise have been exposed to their work.
  • Meet, mingle, share and learn from other authors and readers.

The event is comprised of:

  • One Keynote Speaker
  • Five Featured Authors and
  • 15-20 Exhibiting Authors

Keynote and featured speakers are usually invited by the organizer, however if you meet the criteria below and are interested in being featured, please feel free to send an inquiry to

Keynote Speaker - An author who is well known (for example is a NY Times or Essence Best Selling Author), who has wide name recognition due to his/her writing accomplishments, and who will raise enthusiasm among the attending readers.  This author will have published at least one new work in the 12 months before the event and will speak to the entire audience for 40-50 minutes during the annual luncheon.

Featured Author - Would have several published works, including at least one in the 12 months before the event, have appeared on an established best-seller list or garnered excellent reviews. This author must be able to conduct or participate in a 30-40 minute independent workshop or panel.   If you’re interested and meet the criteria submit your info along with an explanation of what you would bring to the event (titles of workshops you’ve led, panels you’ve participated on, etc.), how many books you've published, and the name of any nationally known best seller  lists that have recognized your work.  If you are not chosen as a featured author, we sincerely hope you will consider registering as an Exhibiting or vendor author.

Exhibiting Authors -This would include seasoned authors seeking to expand their audience and new/emerging authors who are looking for an audience These authors are the backbone of this event as it is our goal to introduce them to an audience of avid readers and thus open new avenues of interest for both the writer and the reader.  


  • The Exhibiting Author fee covers:  Admittance to the Friday evening reception and panel discussions, the Saturday Author Expo and luncheon; a table to display and sell books during the Author Expo, tablecloth and skirting are provided.
  • Each author is required to provide a short bio which must include the title of their latest book, any awards, a headshot, contact email and/or website address, and a phone number.

Helpers or other guests traveling with the author are required to purchase appropriate ticket(s) for the event.

  • There will be no refunds or substitutions after August 1.