Recapping a Great Time!

Sharon Lucas discussion "Second House From the Corner " with author Sedeqa Johnson.

Nigeria Lockley, Brenda Hart, JB Vample and others enjoying the evening.

Victoria Christopher Murray - Giving the "State of the Literary Union" address on Friday evening.

Pamela Samuels Young

Brian W. Smith and the weekend DJ - Terrance Watts!

Sharon & Brian

The Three Scribes - the incomparable Dwayne Alexander Smith, Pamela Samuels Young and Brian W. Smith - telling it like it is!

Attendees enjoying the evening!

Friday Evening Recap

To get everyone in the mood - we started the afternoon by playing a few games of bingo and giving away few books. (Thank you to all of the authors who donated books for this purpose.)

Side Note ~ I was amazed at the number of bingo "Professionals" in the audience who played several cards at once (lol).

We kicked off the weekend with a book club meeting during which I interviewed Sedeqa Johnson about her book "Second House From the Corner", before we brought in the audience in what was a great discussion about Sedeqa's career and this, her second book.

Next, Victoria Christopher Murray shared what I would call "The State of the Literary Union". It was a very enlightening and interactive discussion.

Though Victoria was certainly a hard act to follow - The Three Scribes - Dwayne Alexander Smith, Pamela Samuels Young, and Brian W. Smith - were awesome as they shared intimate accounts of their literary journeys.

The interaction with the audience in all three sessions is what made this evening "Great"! As one attende said "It's like coming to a family reunion every year".

We ended the evening with music by DJ - Terry Watson.

Saturday morning came quickly for some - especially the group who ended the evening at Applebees (you know who you are!)